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Chinese food has been popular in the United States for years, however we at Four Seasons Restaurant are raising the bar for Chinese Food in Sioux City, IA. Our dedication to the art of Chinese dishes is unrivaled and we have hand selected experienced, qualified chefs to prepare your next meal adventure.

According to food critic Bonny Wolf, Chinese cuisine is one of the "Three Grand Cuisines" in the world. We are proud to serve our community one of the grand cuisines and provide a friendly and warm environment for everyone.

Our Chinese food ranges from the traditional egg-roll and crab ragoons, to the more adventurous delicacies of China. Chinese seafood is also widely popular due to the unique combinations of seafood, sweet and spicy sauces and variety of noodles or rice. Take your choice of appetizer, main course or deserts while sipping a great Asian beer and listening to some fun and exciting karaoke.

Our Asian Foods Include:

  • Chinese Seafood
  • Chinese Appetizers
  • Chinese Deserts
  • Chinese Main Course Dishes

By providing our community with high quality Chinese cuisine, we have built a reputation as the friendly, welcoming restaurant of choice for your Asian food nights. Whether you come in to dine, stay for karaoke, or need a quick order, Four Seasons Restaurant is ready to serve you. Don't forget to pick up your fortune cookies on the way out. We all love to read a good fortune after a wonderful meal.

 We are here and happy to serve our friends and family of Sioux City and surrounding areas.


To pick pick up a menu, or place an order online, please contact us directly for details on your next culinary adventure.

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