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Four Seasons Restaurant is proud to service an extensive Vietnamese menu. Our Vietnamese Food in Sioux City, IA is your passport to great Vietnamese cuisine and some of the most extravagant signature dishes of Southeast Asia.

Pho is by far the most famous of Vietnamese meals and it dates back to the 10th century. “Pho”-meaning noodle soup, is a well balance, fresh and natural meal. A staple to most Vietnamese, Pho comes with a variety of ingredients and noodle options to provide a vast array of combinations and flavors.

To compliment our Pho menu, we also offer a variety of fresh spring rolls. Unlike their cousin, they are not fried but freshly rolled, soft and crisp. They offer a refreshing alternative to the more popular egg roll, while providing a unique and flavorful selection of dipping sauces.

Our Vietnamese menu was carefully crafted by food enthusiasts. Our experts took only the highest grade of quality ingredients, combinations of flavors, just the right amount of sweet and spicy to provide our customers with an authentic and affordable Vietnamese dining experience.

Our Vietnamese Services Include:

  • Pho Menus
  • ​Top Quality Ingredients
  • Seafood
  • Soups and Noodles
  • Import Beers

Our menu is available for full catering as well as delivery. We at Four Seasons Restaurant knows that sometimes you need to take the experience with you, which is why we offer such great access to our catered and take out customers. Every order is carefully made, prepared, and served. No matter how big or how small your order is, we will take the time to ensure every dish is made with the greatest of intent and authenticity. Come in today for your take out, or simply take out some extra after a wonderful meal with us.


Four Seasons Restaurant is the best Asian food in Sioux City and surrounding areas.

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